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6 Wellness Ingredients Consumers Can’t Get Enough Of

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One of the biggest trends to emerge from 2020 may be the blurring of lines between health care, wellness and personal care.  

To that end, Buzzback surveyed consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States, prior to lockdown, to better understand which ingredients help products stand out in a crowded market.

According to Buzzback, more than half of those interviewed said they have heard of or are open to trying products with new elements. The following is a list of the popular ingredients based on how open consumers would be to use products that include a certain ingredient.

• Omega-3 and probiotics made the top five in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

• Turmeric and rhodiola were popular in the United Kingdom.

• Curcumin and ashwagandha were popular in the United States.

Buzzback also found:

• Only 1/3 of consumers have a complete understanding of each ingredient; however, they are still keen on trying them and are particularly seeking out specific benefits for issues they experience.

• 65% are looking for stress relief remedies, with pain, anxiety and depression management being some of the main concerns.

 • Around half of consumers would like to see some personal care benefits from the use of a new product, for example, skin improvement or whiter teeth.

• Probiotic supplements were already popular among consumers, with 31% of them purchasing products with this ingredient.

• 46% of consumers use social media as the main source of information about trendy ingredients.

• 38% of consumers rely on family and friends’ recommen­dations.

• 30% turn to online information, TV commercials or in-store displays.

Carol Fitzgerald, CEO and founder of Buzzback, said, “Consumer centricity is paramount if you want to succeed in such a competitive market. Brands need to focus on why people would like to buy and use a certain product by understanding their emotions, worries and needs. By identifying these elements, companies can truly innovate in the right direction and deliver value to their customers.”







Source: GCI Magazine 09.06.2020

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